Unveiling Unforgettable Elegance

Discover The Modern Bride's Opulent Oasis in Guelph, Ontario

The Modern Bride's new location in Guelph, Ontario, embraces a minimalist aesthetic with touches of extravagance, this is a space that exudes sophistication and luxury. Urbanus Interiors designed this space with the intent to create an unforgettable experience for brides that doesn't end with saying 'yes' to the dress, that's just the beginning.

Project by:
Urbanus Interiors

Project / Client:
The Modern Bride

Project Scope:
Interior Renovation

Guelph, ON

Wilson Costa, DesignSQ

Each dress arrival room is furnished with modern minimalist furnishings and features large windows that flood the space with light.

The boutique features custom millwork, meticulously designed to display a curated selection of bridal accessories and at the centre of it all is a gorgeous accessory island designed to house a beautiful Olive tree. Strategic lighting design accentuates the beauty of each piece, casting a soft glow that enhances the ambiance of the space.

TMB brides will have exclusive access to a stunning Champagne lounge to celebrate their 'yes' with one of TMB's signature drinks or bubbly. The champagne lounge serves as a focal point for celebration, featuring custom seating and details such as gold engraving at the entrance, welcoming each bride to the beginning of a new age with the sentiment, "the end of an era, start of an age." Here, they can toast to love and new beginnings, surrounded by elegance and warmth, making their bridal journey truly unforgettable.

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