Redefining Workspace Dynamics

A New Era of Office Design

The team at Mayhew has fundamentally reimagined the traditional office layout to better align with the needs of a modern, hybrid workforce. Moving away from the conventional setup of perimeter private offices, large workstations, and minimal meeting spaces, their focus has been on creating distinct zones tailored for focused work, collaborative efforts, and social interactions.

Project by:
AEC Construction
Salex | Axis Lighting

Project Scope:
Major Office Renovation

Waterloo, ON

Wilson Costa, DesignSQ

Tailored Zones for Diverse Needs

The innovative design strategy supports the company’s hybrid work policy by establishing "neighborhoods" for various teams on their in-office days. These neighborhoods are designed to foster an environment where employees can easily switch between concentrated individual tasks, collaborative projects, and casual social interactions.

Enhanced Collaboration and Interaction

A variety of meeting spaces have been incorporated to promote interaction and engagement among employees. By providing multiple, diverse settings for meetings—whether they involve mixed presence or in-person discussions—the project aims to facilitate seamless communication and teamwork

Social Spaces

Recognizing the significant role of relationship-building in the workplace, the team has integrated spaces specifically for socialization. These areas encourage employees to connect and strengthen their interpersonal relationships, which is crucial for overall team cohesion and morale.

Project Goals

  1. Achieve a layout that supports rotating teams in the office

  2. Create a space that encourages staff wellbeing

  3. Provide settings for staff collaboration and mixed presence meetings

  4. Incorporate flexibility to allow for future growth and organizational change

  5. Encourage team and relationship building among staff

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