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  • Embark on a Journey of Discovery at Lakeview Village

Embark on a Journey of Discovery at Lakeview Village

Experience the Future of Sustainable Living and Indigenous Inspired Design in Mississauga

Lakeview Village Discovery Centre in Mississauga is a newly established community hub that serves as both a gathering space and presentation center for the Lakeview Village development.

Project by:
VanMar Constructors
II BY IV Design
Q4 Architects

Project Scope:
New community space and presentation centre

Mississauga, ON

Wilson Costa, DesignSQ

As the first building in this master-planned community, the Discovery Centre sets the standard for quality and design excellence that will be prevalent throughout Lakeview Village. The goal is for the building to become a landmark in the area, offering spaces for culinary, arts, and cultural events, as well as providing the public with an opportunity to learn more about the future plans for the community.

Drawing inspiration from Indigenous teachings on the importance of our connection to the land and water, the interior serves as a platform for developers to engage with the public and share the narrative behind each aspect of the project.

The first floor of the center is dedicated to showcasing the builders' work, featuring a detailed table display of the site model and informative content on the development. This area will also serve as a social space for community events and will showcase interactive art installations by local artists.

On the second floor, visitors can enjoy breathtaking views of the waterfront, a green roof, and digital art installations. By incorporating elements of Indigenous culture throughout the center, the Lakeview Village Discovery Centre offers a peaceful setting where individuals can gather, learn about the project, and envision the future lifestyle along the waterfront.

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