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  • Blue Bovine - Toronto's newest Steakhouse and Sushi House

Blue Bovine - Toronto's newest Steakhouse and Sushi House

Where Tradition Meets Creativity in Every Bite

Blue Bovine, a creation of Liberty Entertainment Group, is a unique fusion of a traditional steakhouse and a Japanese sushi house, resulting in a contemporary dining experience.

Project by:
Nadia Di Donato, Liberty Entertainment Group
Build It
Organica Studio

Project Scope:
Steak and Sushi Restaurant inside Union Station

Toronto, ON

Wilson Costa, DesignSQ

The restaurant features unique design details such as custom-made Canadian maple wood furniture sourced from Toronto, one-of-a-kind artwork, artisanal lighting fixtures, and a color palette inspired by the four seasons of Toronto.

Embracing local and natural elements, Blue Bovine is dedicated to using locally sourced ingredients in its menu and incorporating honest, natural materials in its design.

The restaurant's grand entrance features intricate details and symmetry with a contemporary flair. Industrial touches are strategically incorporated to enhance the unique character of the space, while glass walls and an open kitchen contribute to its urban atmosphere. Located inside Union Station, Blue Bovine provides impressive city views, making it a noteworthy focal point in its surroundings.

In essence, Blue Bovine Steak and Sushi House provides a luxurious dining affair in downtown Toronto, where fine cuisine, innovative dishes, and a stylish setting come together seamlessly.

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